Handsome Friday: Creativity

As often as us ladies may want to think that we are the toughest in the fashion industry; we have to bow down to some men who too are true to their own style and bringing a “swag” too cool to refuse.  I like to call this group Handsome Friday for my featuring pleasure, during the month of December.

Nothing like a handsome man on the horizon.
I’m not sure how you will view this opinion, but it’s mine and it matters.  A man who is very well dressed with a scent of luxury is a man pleasing to any eye.  The look and scent allows you to focus on the “what else” factor that man may have.  We start with a glance at the face to determine where we should make a relationship go, which is what shall lead us astray.  Give in to the temptation of a great smell and poised look; VOILA! You’ve found your Mr. Right.  I will explain in a week how I found mine…this is not that story, but there is always a twist to make it work in our favor.  For now, enjoy today’s post.

Shagari Jackson is a Wedding Photographer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Mr. Jackson is a very creative gentlemen with a knack for detail.  He once shared his talents in art as a tattoo artist and has continued with an eye for precision on into his photography career.  Shagari captures moments with realism to share with his clients who are wishing for a glance of art.  His photography is eye catching and definitely pleasing.  Allow  Mosaic by MG to capture moments dear to your heart that will last a lifetime.  Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Handsome Friday.

On this Friday, I feature a gentleman who I met back in 2002 in front of the Herget Hall dorms at LSU.  There was a rumor surfacing the campus about this light skinned fellow; rough around every edge and corner; and definitely true to his opinion and style.  That rumor stated that this gentleman and Nelly (the Rapper, Mr Nelliville) could be TWINS.  I will leave the story at that.  A good person and friend, who is still rough on some edges, yet very clean and tapered these days; I am glad to present Shagari Jackson to you all.

1.  As a man, what styles do you generally rock? Suits? Bowties? Oxfords? Khakis? Jeans? Tennis shoes? EXPLAIN.
For dressy or business; I prefer slim or skinny tailored suits.  I like all kinds of ties, but I’m generally drawn to paisley prints, which pulls all of the colors in.  From the suit and shirt onto the shoes.  My preferred dress shoe is a nice wingtip boot.  Johnston and Murphy are my favorite of wing tip boots right now.  For casual dress I prefer slim or loose fit jeans, with a t-shirt and blazer;  a simple canvas shoe or Adidas, Converse  All-stars (shelltoe in black and white) or a dress boot.

2.  Do you more often dress up/down?  Why?
I dress up more than often because of my job.  I’m a wedding photographer and feel that I should always be prepared to meet a potential client.  
3.  Where do you spend most of your time shopping for your clothing? 
I hate shopping.  Since I know my sizes; based upon different stores; I mostly order things online.
4.   What influences your style? Your attitude? Work? Personality? Comfort? Uniqueness? 
I’m older now so growth has influenced my style along with wanting to be presentable at all times.  How you are dressed is often the first thing people notice about you.  I have a laid back personality and prefer to be comfortable  in whatever I may be wearing
Until next time,
Back to life, back to reality…
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