Hats Off to a Cool Summer

I am a hat lover and always has been.  You can just call me blossom.

Love this collaboration of pieces and colors

Every Spring, I scout for hats and always find at least one that is perfect for my oversized head; that’s right, I admitted it.  Learned years ago that my body may be slim, but this head is not.  I cannot fit a hat if it is a ‘One Size Fits all’ deal.  This head requires a L/XL.  Anywho; my first Summer 2017 hat is an authentic Panama Hat sold by J.Crew.  I was too thrilled to grab this inexpensive hat from a store that even more thrilled at the price.  According to a sales associate at J.Crew, the company opted to partner with Panama Hats rather than make their own collection; which makes total sense to me.

While you are at it, grab some sunnies that will also be a hit.  I found new spot to shop designer sunglasses for a fraction of the cost.  They are legit and they are amazing.  I was thrilled with the purchase, shipping, cost, and customer service.  Try EZcontacts.com and you will be pleased.  I am currently eyeing a pair of Celine sunglasses as we speak.  Definitely let me know what hat’s fit your style.


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