I Feel the Rain

I’m a fashion lover.
I’m a stylist.
I’m a trendsetter.

Nothing have ever come from being afraid to take risks and explore the unexpected; that being rain, in my world.  It’s been an ancient stereotype that no A.A. women like to get their hair wet.  Now, there are multiple reason for this; so let me educate you.

1. When wearing straight, relaxed hair; rain is the devil.  It’ll totally ruin the length of time you can go before having to relax again.  Also, having to shampoo your hair from getting wet is just too much work.  We do not have to shampoo nightly; depending on our texture.
2. When you have natural hair, which is pressed straight; RAIN and HUMIDITY are both no nos.  Our hair will frizz and almost immediately revert back to a fro.

Now that you’ve been educated, let’s proceed.

Since I reside in San Antonio, I rarely style my hair in a bone straight look because the humidity ruins it at a foot across the threshold.  I always opt for curly do.  This way my curls will frizz and look bigger and fro-ish rather, shrinking in spots looking spotted.  Lol!

Either way, I feel the rain in this photo.  I am wearing a really chic bodysuit from Asos.com pair with high waist, belted shorts from Gap.

Photo Cred: Catherine Dione
Makeup: MEek
Top: Asos.com
Shorts: Gap
Shoes: Freebird by Steve Madden from Lord & Taylor
WEAR It Now! WEAR It Later!
The bodysuit was worn on a eve heading out to dinner with family.

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