If you haven’t fallen in love with denim yet, WHY NOT?

Loving this monochromatic denim look

This trend is one that has always been a standout in the fashion industry.  Denim never truly leaves, as it is constantly recreated and presented as a new style.  I have always loved denim.  Everything about good stiff genuine denim has my heart.

One of my favorite stores, GAP, has definitely made a statement with the reissue campaign of a vintage Denim look, which I have already shopped.  The 1969 Collection has always been perfect, but this new campaign they have pushed, #IAMGAP, is all about recreating that vintage look in denim, pocket tees, and such.  I absolutely adore everything about it.  Especially staring at that darling Naomi Campbell; looking nothing over 30.  Absolutely stunning.

Where do I start with this look.  Naomi was a great choice to put in this outfit.  Not only did she model for GAP so long ago; wearing this very look, but she has not aged a bit.  The lady truly earned her stripes in the modeling industry and definitely was a great pick for this reissue campaign brought to you by GAP.  I have worn the GAP brand since 2002 when I discovered their existence near the campus of LSU.  Not only were the clothing of good quality, but they had Long and Lean jeans.  I am talking, 35-36″ inseam Long and they were in store.  I truly could not afford the jeans at that time because I was; you know it, a broke college studentso I made friends with an employee who made sure to notify me when those jeans were on SALE or promos surfaced.  I found my way working for GAP in the Summer of 2003 and oh boy, I became a fanatic.

This started the era of MEek loving denim; good denim; stiff denim; quality denim AND GAP was the spot.

For me, denim never gets old.  I can have it in my closet today and wear it 15 years later; provided I don’t gain a pound, with the same appeal and jazz as before.  It’s such a timeless fabric that makes a statement for itself.  Denim can speak to the world without ever saying a word.  I chose to do a monochromatic denim look; to flaunt this newly grabbed Distressed Denim Jacket from HerStory Style Bar & Boutique (website underway),since there is never a things as too much denim in one look.  I truly pulled off a denim masterpiece.  Jacket, Jeans, and Shoes…oooh lala.

Drooling over these hot shoes.

Catch your breathe yet?  No worries; that was my reaction when I stumbled across these babies.

Here’s the story behind these oh so amazing Denim Pumps.  I visited Neiman Marcus to scout my birthday present for my upcoming special day.  Since all Christian Louboutin shoes are made different, the size differs per collection; therefore, I needed a consultation to make sure I had the info necessary to hand off to hubby for a successful trip when he returned.  Instead of following through with my original plans, I moseyed on over to the CLEARANCE racks and started hunting.  These denim Yves Saint Laurent shoes were staring right at me and even though they were a half size to big, I could not say no.  I paid $155 for some $800 shoes; that was a steal in my book, these babies had to be mine.  And I am just so happy I made that decision.  Here’s to MEek and monochromatic denim on this beautiful Texas day.

Denim is such a classic material. Loving this look


Forever a denim girl.


Back to life, Back to reality…

PHOTOGRAPHY BY Anna Angenend Photography

Mom Series Photographer

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  • There really is something special about denim. I feel most comfortable in areally good pair of blue jeans, or a cute button up denim top. It’s sexy & cozy! I’ve never tried the denim shoes, & need em’! Ooh, you know what else I could rock? A denim bow headband! How cute would that be?!

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