I Like Nice People

I recently made a decision, which just may become a life changer for me. It was such a small decision.  

After the constant wasted days and evenings meeting in uninviting group settings, I’d thrown in the towel with seeing those settings as purposeful.  Of course, this is a terrible way to view all groups/settings, but I was drained and took a hiatus from the local meetups for a while.  For some odd reason, I decided to join the San Antonio Bloggers facebook page in hopes to share my blog with other bloggers who just may go over and read a few of my posts; but my expectations were pretty low.  When an invite came across to join the team of ladies for a coffee social, I accepted; input into both phone and written calendar; and made sure I was free to give it a shot.

When the day arrived, I got dressed, as normal; put on very little makeup, as I wanted to be myself; grabbed a few extra business cards, just in case; and I drove on down to Rosella’s Coffee to meet and greet with some fellow bloggers.

To my surprise, it was a group of GENUINE, talented, well-spoken and mannered, spunky, energetic, sweet, NICE women.  This was a scene that I’d never seen before in San Antonio.    At that moment…

…blink, pinch, slap…
…okay this is real.  This is really happening.  I am sharing my stories with these ladies and they are sharing ideas and tips and connections that they have to little ole me.  Finally a group of bloggers who are not going to compete with me, but support and encourage me to breathe because all is not lost.  These ladies gave me the mojo that I needed to know that I can be a great blogger; I can embrace this hobby long term; and I can be around other women not after 1 taco. 
YESSSSS!!!  A bloggerific breakthrough.  
Okay, so here is the even better part.
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Stacy Teet, of Kids Stuff World blog, agreed to assist me with a project, which was due to be completed in August.  She reached out on Facebook Messenger and a date was set.  It just happened that fast.  Now she has agreed to groom me into a better blogger.  A better cell phone photo taker…and even, photograph me so that I have more photos available for use.  WOW!!! Yeah, that’s how I feel right now, like WOW…is this really my life.
…blink, pinch, slap…
…Yep, I have met a person who is actually NICE.  This title is Stacy’s phrase, “I like nice people.”
I’ve never paid attention to how genuine and welcoming I am, which is seen as nice to others.  This is truly my personality.  I remember a friend, Shon , telling me that she wondered what my motive was for being so nice, friendly, and welcoming to her because women just aren’t that way.  I was in awe because it’s me.  Whatever me that I can be at that given time.  It’s so easy to keep up with what you say and do when you are just being you.
I am grateful that you see that I am genuine.
I am even more grateful that I added the coffee social into my calendar.
I am extremely grateful that you chose me.
I am grateful that you too like nice people.
To so much more to come and a friendship in the making.
Stay tuned folks.
Top: TJ Maxx
Bottoms: Gap
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Scarf: Gucci
Photo cred: Stacy Teet

Back to life, back to reality.

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