I Wanna Be Rich

I feel so clean, chic, and fancy when I boast my whitest whites and creamest creams; especially when paired with gold.  The gold causes me to feel rich.

Rich in my happiness.  Rich in my thoughts.  Rich in my mind.  Rich in my success.  Rich in my career.  Rich in my life.  Rich in my well-being.

White looking very nice. I love it.

That’s that rich, which keeps you going when ish gets tough.  Rich in money can fail you; but I like that part too, for my daily needs and tons of my wants; the needs of the hub and kiddos; I am rich in money.  That rich makes me capable of knowing that I am living the life I always hoped for.  A life that takes me away from watching my bank account; bouncing checks; and struggling to pay bills.  I have been that kind of broke; lack of rich in life and boy was it rough.  I am okay to brag about being rich in my very own being without any worry in the world of what others may think.  You must live in what you believe in.


Back to Life…Back to Reality.

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