I’m All GAPped Out

Jeans and pants are the hardest to find as a perfect fit for me.

That’s why it makes sense for me to brag on the one store, which has NEVER left me hanging for my true denim needs.  Whether shorts, jeans, skirts, or jackets; Gap is my go to for the very best pairs of jeans.  I can count on them at all times.  I love the clothes in general so much that I worked there Part-Time for years after college for the discount; not the money.  I spent my entire $150 check on clothing every two weeks.  Even bought clothes for friends and family.  My 3 nephews were also All GAPped out.  And that’s because the quality is the best and the clothing last forever.  Enough yapping.  Enjoy the jeans that I have for years from my favorite friend in the shopping world…GAP.

One day; I randomly stumbled upon these High waisted bell bottom pants.  They were an online return from the overseas Gap, which is the reason that they are so long.  I was hooked.  Had to have them immediately.  These jeans and I have been besties since 2007.  I will NEVER depart from them.

These jeans are a great choice because they are distressed, yet still appropriate for work since no flesh is seen.  I love the fade these jeans have and how they sit on my ankle.  Sadly this pair has left the tribe.  They were too big after some of my weight loss tactics helped me drop some pounds.  I miss them.

These jeans were also a great buy from Gap; yet have left the throne.  I decided to distress this pair because the jeans were perfect length and I need long, distressed jeans.  Just know that this DIY project is one that I will never try again.  Although the outcome was great, distressing is not fun.  Love the outcome though.

These amazing, Vintage inspired pants are a favorite of mine and newly placed into the Gap brand.  They reached back to how pants/jeans used to look and designed an entire line to capture those looks.  I bought 2 pairs.

This pair is a lover of mine because they are extremely long and boot cut.  So perfect for the Winter months to pair with these boots I love to wear so much.  And they have no distressing; therefore, perfect for work or play.

These are the few that own. Almost all of my jeans are from the GAP brand.  We have a love affair going on.  If you are not shopping GAP, what are you waiting for? Their pants fit up to a size 20 Women sizes.  There should be something there for you.  Good luck!

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