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A little bit of big hair don’t care and a lot of bit of color.

I am wearing my newest favorite pair of jeans…Girlfriend jeans.  Who would of thought.  I started wearing Boyfriend jeans back in college, and no one understand why my jeans were not low rise, uhmmmm.  My boy is not made for low rise jeans.  Yeah, I have long legs and that might look good, but I have a short torso and that just did not work for me.  I loved the boyfriend jeans and now I’m loving the Girlfriends just as much.

Enough about the jeans, this post is about color.  Check out the denim-on-denim broken down by wearing the top as an accessory rather a shirt.  This pulls away from the matchy match look and gives my look some pizzazz.

Wearing the lime green top and royal blue shoes were perfect combinations with the denim.

Fashion is fun, find it.  Teehehee!

 I really enjoyed my hair in this style.  These curls are truly amazing and so much funnnnnnnn!
 Pearls make the world go round.

Top: Gap
Tank: Gap
Bottoms: J.Crew
Shoes: Vince Camuto purchased at Dillard’s
Photographer: Hubs

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