I am a big thrift shopper and I am proud of it.
I feel that thrifting comforts my bank account and my soul
It makes me proud to purchase something great for so little.
I’m even able to use those pieces purchased to recreate a different look.
I did just that with a red blazer that I absolutely loved once I purchased a new one.
After connecting with Ericka Guillory, an aspiring fashion designer, I was finally able to turn the red blazer, from Goodwill, into a sleeveless vest.  The Blazer even came with shoulder pads, my absolute favorite piece in clothing that I consider vintage.  I am totally in love with the look that I wore; the blazer, turned vest, without a tank underneath paired with shorts.  I totally love Blazers and shorts, so wearing this look was so in my comfort zone.  It’s a combination of sexy and chic all in one look.  Enjoy!



As you can see, I pulled out the booties and paired them with this look.  I love shorts and boots/booties, as it truly showcases my God given legs.
Vest: Goodwill
Shorts: Gap
Booties: Steven by Steve Madden
Photographer: Cody Monroe-the Hubs


Rock your booties this Fall with shorts and skirts.  It’s a brag move.
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