I truly had plans to pack light for this vacation, but the way I am setup; it was not happening.  I had my smaller (not airplane carryout) luggage, which was truly overflowing; with great expectations to conquer my goal.  When I stopped and realized that my followers were going to expect the best bathing suits, cover-ups, shorts, sundresses, cute sandals, and more; I threw in the towel.

Slay -1 MEek -0.  Slay WINS.

Besides that, I am all too in love with Beyonce’s newest single, “Shining”.  How can I truly shine with a small luggage packed with minimal great pieces and only changing clothes once.  I have to be prepared for whatever winds, sand, rain, sunshine, and such brings.  There’s only one way to conquer these weather attitudes; pack unapologetically.  And that is exactly what I did.  See below tips on packing the best looks for your end of summer vacas.  Cheers!


  1. Bring lots of colorful pieces; especially if you plan to frequent a festive area.  You want to standout with bold looks and not get boring with what you packed
  2. Have 2 dresses packed.  This is for a fancy dinner or brunch date with your crew
  3. Don’t ever forget comfy sandals, especially for long shopping trips/tours of the city.  You will thank me later
  4. Grab an old school fanny pack to hold your most precious essentials; chapstick/lipstick, lotion, cell phone, sunnies, etc.  I grabbed one for this trip and know I made the best decision
  5. For a weekend trip; pack at least 6 looks.  For a 5-day trip; you want to pack 11 looks.  For a 7-day trip; pack 15 looks.  This gives you versatility in what you can wear and of course you can switch up pieces; in case you change your mind.  Remember, we choose our clothing based on our attitude that day
  6. Choose clothes that fit for certain.  Do not bring something with the expectation that you may  lose 4 pounds in 2 days.  #issaBadIdea
  7. Always pack meds; just in case you get stuck with fever; a migraine; gas/bloating; toothache; etc.  You want to have those items handy to avoid searching for a pharmacy or overpriced costs at convenience stores.
  8. Most importantly, make sure to bring clothes that are chic and comfortable.  Since you will take tons of photos, you want to be assured that your choices will not showcase regret.  Have clothing that are easy to iron, crisp, nicely tailored, and all around fashionable.

A vacation is your happy place.  Looking good enhances that happy place.  Don’t let your clothes drag you down.

If no one notices you the entire trip; you went wrong in that luggage hunty.  Have a great rest of the Summer and always remember; you have the power to stop traffic; now use it.


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