Its Fall………YALL

and I am soooo ready.
Finally, in my city I can feel a breeze.  A breeze that allows for long sleeves, booties, and some days riding boots.  Oh yeah.  I did get a little beyond myself with this look, wearing my faux leather leggings, but it was only for a short day.  Leather is my first love, so I am always ready to pull it together with the best looks and style out.  I did that hear.

 Another fashion forward look that I enjoy; Victorian style shirts.  The blouse that I chose has the semi-puff shoulders, a flat front, wide arms, a bow, and is very flowy.  That blouse gives me life each time I choose to style it with a nice look.  I am certain it would fit perfectly with my trousers and red pumps…I just pulled together another look, TaDa.

 Yeah, those sunglasses are amazing. I am so in love with all things vintage.  These sunglasses truly takes me back to forever ago when big hair, leather, and bubble sunglasses were the style.  I am sure that this trend is slowly surfacing again; however, I am already on top of it.  They are everything.

Top: JcPenney
Bottoms: Asos
Shoes: H&M purchased at Dillard’s
Vest: Wilsons Leather
Handbag: Vintage Dooney & Bourke
Photographer: Hubs


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