I’ve Added a Boutique, but Nothing Will Change

Ladies, do not worry about me losing sight of what I set out to do back when I started my fashion blog 3 years ago.  I have always shared tips, trends, and ideas on how to enhance your daily style to boost your confidence and make you the lady you desire to be all with clothing, and that will not change.  This is what the blog was intended for so that is what I will continue doing with one difference, now you can shop my very styles directly from me.

I decided on this venture, because I was tired of sending my hard earned followers to shop elsewhere with no recognition from that brand or gifts/prizes as a thank you; only a like from their IG page.  That just wasn’t enough for me.  I want to give you all tips and trends, but also allow you to shop my very look and create multiple looks from those same pieces within your closet.  Talk about fun in the future.  Here’s to kicking off that very idea where I am showing how to wear this lace blouse several different ways, making it worthy of purchase.

Turtleneck Lace Blouse – $48  Crimson Flare Skirt – $41  

In this look, I have paired the blouse with a crimson flare skirt, which is super chic and comfy.  This skirt zips in the black and sits mid-rise in the waist area.  I love how accessorizing with emerald earrings and cognac booties made this look come to life, with the red shoe strings setting it off.  Booties from Dillard’s -Gianni Bini collection

Peanut Suede Skirt – $41  

This look is very fancy and perfect for a day in the office.  Add a blazer to present a more buttoned up look.  I chose to pair this top and bottom with red shoes, because I love how red creates an elegant ambiance in every look; especially a pair of Christian Louboutin heels.  Skinnee Girl Couture pairs well with your designer pieces.

Chic Crimson Blazer – $38.25

Here’s to that idea of closet shopping.  In this look, I paired the blazer and blouse with a coverall jumpsuit from Anthropologie, a pair of H&M booties, and a Gucci belt.  This showcases the versatility this shirt gives off to remove the idea of , one time wear or how can I pair this with something I already have.  Make the shirt work for you.

Don’t just think about how to create looks in the clothing, do it.  That’s what makes you different from the rest.  Happy shopping and pairing.  MUAH!


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