Just Big

I love big hair.  
Always have.
YESSSS! This big. 
So as the motto says, “Go Big or Go Home”.
I went BIG…very BIG!!!
This is not the initial look that I was going for, but it happened and I loved it  Not only did I finally have the big thick, wavy hair that I have always wanted, but I have hair that I can change up each day and wear different based on how I feel.  🙂

Fall in Love!
This process leads to pretty bouncy curls.  We call this bantu knots that are generally only worn late night.  Since the hot water dipping did not work as planned, I styled and wore the knots on the outside.
And this elegance happened after the bantu knots were released. Ahhhh! Curls

Are you into BIG or Little…hair that is???


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