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…something different.

I am constantly referring people to their closet for that fancy professional look, or date night likes, and even a fun day in the park with family, but I have done very little to show exactly how this can be done.  In these next weeks, I am sharing how to wear a blazer more than once for different looks based on your plans for the day.

On today, I was due to work from the office and hosted a lunch meeting with a potential partner.  Such a work day called for a chic, business casual look, which is just what I went with.  In doing so, I chose to share 4 different looks that you can get when you start off with the basic blouse and jeggings.  Be mindful, you can change the shoes based on what you have planned for that day; flats, sandals; booties; etc.  I only wore my lovely, Burgundy Suede heels by Jessica Simpson to pull of each look.  This process of matching and creating looks is very simple when you pair multiple outfits for a week or 2 at a time.  It saves time in the mornings digging through your Closet Library coming up blank and frustrated.  Here is what I came up with for the casual blouse and Burgundy Jeggings.

In this look, I started off with just the blouse and Jeggings with my day’s accessories and Burgundy Pumps.  This simple style can easily downgrade to Picnic casual by wearing sandals or wedge shoes. 
 In this look, I simply added a denim vest.  You can truly wear this look Ladies/Date Night, to run errands (change the shoes), church, school, work, etc.  It’s a simple way to spruce up Look 1.
 In this look, I am wearing a black and white striped blazer.  The blazer gives this look a more Professional Look.  I can definitely wear this for a client meeting, conference, or a day prospecting out in the field.  Keep in mind that wearing Jeggings are very tricky due to the fit.  It is very important that you wear a blouse, which will truly compliment the Jeggings and cover sight of your rear end and between legs to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

 In this Look, I was going for chic and stylish to truly amp up this look.  Adding a vest under a blazer is classic style and definitely trending.  I even popped to collar to truly spark some attention with this look.  My choice in Burgundy shoes, rather Black, was to dabble in the monochromatic look from leg to feet.  I thought I’d try something different.  It worked.

Share with me how you create different looks from the a core Look.  Happy shopping in your closet.  


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