Do You Know the Defition of SKINNEE???

My definition, that is?  It’s simple, “confidence in your skin”.

Whether or not this story of mine has ever affected your life, I am certain you can attest to having self-esteem or confidence issues at some point in your life.  My blog was setup with the name “Skinnee Girl Confidence” simply representing me and how I gained confidence in my skinnee.  How I am a skinnee girl with confidence.  How I am not affected by the thoughts others have of my body.  How the comments I heard as a kid (look at Popeyes wife, Olive Oil; You are so skinny you can hoola hoop through a Cheerio; Where are your breast or were you born a boy; You are cute, but you have no ass or boobs so I can’t be seen with you; Why are you so skinny, do you eat) were hurtful then, are only dirt on my shoulders now.  With this newfound love I gained for myself back in my 20s, I set on a journey to motivate/encourage other ladies to regain sense of self to boost their self-esteem and confidence.  This fashion blog platform allows me to do this and I will not waiver.  In support of the idea to love yourself no matter what story comes with your SKIN-NEE, rock my custom made tee to tell the world that you have body confidence.  Shout out to aRthentic Creations for this design and Kreative Management for partnering us.

Shop this tank and tell the world you are confident in your skin. You love your body and no one can change that.  This shirt comes in sizes S-3X.  All orders placed online will take about 10 days to receive from date of ordering.



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