Yeah, I said it and I mean it.

Some may disregard reading this post, because their understanding of “Life is Gucci” falls in line with what famous people showcase, wealth and success.  A wealth that we commoners can only dream of.  A wealth that we may never even accomplish.  A wealth that we tend to fall jealous too, but my friend let me tell you, more than famous people can live the phrase, “Life is Gucci”.

That phrase can mean so many things.  For me, I have a beautiful family (Cody and the girls) who are a hot mess, but I love them regardless.  My health is great, with not a lick of flexibility to my name; yet I won’t complain.  All of my closest friends are dear, although get on my nerves from time-to-time; they are people who I can grow from/with.  My extended family never presents a dull moment and keeps me going even when times are tough.  And every year I meet another woman who is very motivating and encouraging of me on my journey.

Is that not GUCCI to you?

If not, my friend; you are bitter and boring – GET YO LIFE!  Notice how wealth nor success weren’t mentioned.  You ask why? Because I am in sales and I can very much control my paycheck/accomplishments.  I cannot control any of the aforementioned; because relationships are always migrating right before our eyes and must be played out accordingly.  The right relationships need the most nourishment and attention, which tend to help you become a better you, which leads to that wealth and success.  Think about it.

I don’t too much share life lessons on the blog; I stick to fashion, however, It’s a new year ringing in so I figured I’d share some of my 30 year old knowledge.  Anywho, this shirt was such a perfect fit for me to spit a little truth into my readers to help you find your own GUCCI.  I love this shirt with this outfit; because both my pants and blazer are Goodwill pieces.  Pieces that cost me under $10, alongside $15 Ninewest booties, and a $59 Gucci outlet leopard print scarf; which put this outfit under $100 when not considering the shirt and brooch.  This is how you make fashion work for you.  The cost of clothing doesn’t reflect your style; yet don’t waiver away from quality, the delivery does.  Good, quality clothing is priceless.

Now, let me know what makes your life GUCCI.  I’m out.


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