Make Me Up Monday: Gold

I am a mom of 2; therefore, I am very conservative of what I wear and how I present myself before them; as I am their biggest role model.  It is so important -to me- to keep myself grounded when it comes to dabbling in fashion.  Having a creative style sets me apart from the crowd, as I do not follow trends.  Some fashion lovers fail to understand that style is personality; fashion is a look that’s sold on a store mannequin.  When getting creative with different looks, it is easy to lose sense of self then turn into a fashion queen.  I’ve always embraced who I am and what defines me, which is how I was able to create a style of my own.

In this made up face, I am wearing gold lips.  A lip, which was brushed on by MUA Estefania Buzenas, with loose pigment eye shadow.  This is a beautiful shade of gold eye shadow from Bare Minerals Cosmetics.  I have never worn gold lipstick, prior to this day, and I was in love.
The overall look was absolutely stunning and created a glow effect to my face, pulling in the dark black bodysuit that I am wearing.  I’ve chosen to add Gold Lipstick to my collection, as I clearly need this in my life.

I am hopeful that you too are no longer afraid to stand out with your lip color all while embracing what your style is.  Living a stylish life will always be remembered.



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