Make Me Up Monday: Got Lips-tick?

So, I’ve spent a deal of time choosing the next best lip color for my different looks.  Some time ago, I stayed far away from Lipsticks and swore by a simple NUDE lip gloss.  I am now the complete opposite.  Having dark skin led me to believe that I could not wear the boldest RED or lightest PINK or even a sweet PURPLE.  I have since given up on that criticism towards myself and my skin and learned that I too can wear those colors and much more.  Not only have I dabbed in the best Reds, Pinks and Purples; but I’ve also experimented with Orange, Black, Nudes, and Dark Burgundy.  Each time I try a different shade, I am reassured that the color works through compliments from those I encounter.

The one thing I will share is that you must chose the shade based on the look.  If I am wearing an Orange look, I’d never wear and Orange lip.  I’d go for a Nude or a Dark Burgundy lip and a simple eye shadow.  It is so important to be cautious when choosing your Lip color, but never be afraid to experiment.  I absolutely love walking into the hair store to find a new shade.  Oops, I just let out a secret of mine…

Secret…so I dabble with off brand lip colors from local hair stores, which generally sell for $3-5 each.  This way I can try 3-4 colors via just one visit.  Once I truly love that color, I travel over to Sephora for a more moisturized, longer lasting version of that shade.  I am no fan of paying $20+ for a Lipstick, but I like to keep my lips moisturized and healthy.  The brands from the hair store generally lack the amount of moisture needed to keep my lips from peeling. In your case, you can always keep a lip moisturizer around to help with this issue, if you’d prefer.  I prefer the easy, lazy option of just applying a moisturized lip color on in the first place.

I went with black and I love it that I did so.  This lipstick is not a shade that you can just wear whenever, you have to wear it with confidence and prepare for the stares.  I totally forgot I had it on when I left my home and received a ton of awkward looks in the grocery store.  It was fun to dabble with and I look forward to wearing this shade more.

Either way, have fun with your favorite lip color and do share what you love most.  Chao!


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