Make Me Up Monday: Got Natural?

Just recently I participated in a photo shoot.  A much needed photo shoot at that.  I generally handle the makeup duties for every shoot that I partake, but this particular shoot, I was able to partner with the lovely LiLi Bax, who has been a makeup artist for over a decade now.  LiLi currently fine tunes her skills as a Make Up Artist for M-A-C Cosmetics in Nordstrom here in San Antonio.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

When we linked up for the shoot, I allowed LiLi to choose my overall look; as I was eager to see what she had in mind.  I even hoped to look like myself, but glamour-fied; yet chose not to given any instructions or suggestions to deter her overall thoughts, already planned.

Boy was I surprised.

When I looked in the mirror, I was totally blown away by my beauty.  My beauty which she enhanced and not changed.  My beauty which only came with a little additional lash and glisten to the cheekbone.  Nothing dramatic or too much for TV, just ME.  My own flawless beauty.

This is a beauty you dream of. So stunning.

I looked natural.

This is the kind of natural that no one can say no too when having their makeup done.  The kind of natural that makes you okay with wearing makeup.  That special kind of natural that has you feeling yourself beyond  a day’s worth of confidence.  This Natural is more like a year of feel good.  If you cannot already tell; I loved every bit of my look and enjoyed what my beauty session turned into.  Thanks my darling LiLi for my flawless face and my talented photographer Anna Angenend for capturing the moment.

Never thought to pair wine and turquoise like this lady did. This look is flawless

You ladies ROCK!

Cheers to you all who are hopeful to find that special, talented Makeup artist to enhance your natural and give you that extra oomph every woman desires.  If you are near, definitely trust the skills of LiLi Bax; she got you covered.  She and Anna together are a dynamic duo.


Back to life, Back to reality…

Make up by: Lili Bax

Love the red hair on this chica. Beautiful


Mom Series Photographer

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