Maybe Your Closet Is The Issue

Want to look great, but you’re afraid to step for into your closet? How about cleaning it?

That’s not what you wanted to hear; now is it?

Just remember; it’ll only get better when you get proactive and lucky for you I have a cool idea that could turn your nightmare of a closet into a ton of fun.  How about hosting a declutter party?  Just like Santa; they do exist.  At least it will for you.  This is a party, in which you get to hang with your girlfriends, enjoy wine/mimosas, and clean your junky closet.  Out with the old, in with the fashionable clothing that fit your 2017 style and body.  Let’s have fun!

Declutter Party 

  • Grab a box of SUPER large trash bags or large clothing bins
  • Dig through your closet/drawers and pull out all of the items that just do not fit (including the 5 year old evening gown that you will “one day” lose weight to get back into)
  • Fill those bags/bins with every item that does not fit
  • For the remaining items, Grab 3-5 (has to be with an odd number of ladies) HONEST girlfriends to party at your home for about 3 hours
  • All ladies bring 1 bottle of wine and a wine glass
  • Host them with small snacks and deserts while they wait and judge
  • Have them sit in a comfy spot and let the judging begin (yes, they can judge you)
  • Go into your closet and start trying on clothing
  • Have your space setup with a YES and a NO pile
  • Walk out to the open area of ladies and get their Yes or No; no maybes
  • Place the item in it’s designated pile and try on the next items
  • When you’ve finished, grab your Yes items and get them back into the closet; if you have the energy
  • Allow your friends to pick and choose through your No pile.  Donate/resale the rest.
  • Good luck.  Take pictures.  Have fun.

Let me know if you need me to host a Declutter Party for you and your friends.


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  • I love this and the vlog post for it. The question is, can I come to YOUR declutter party? I am certain I will find a several treasures LOL!

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