MEEK Goes Sexy

I am a conservative dressing lady who barely channel that Meek Monroe side that was intended.


Having a husband and daughters cause me to think strongly about my outer appearance, as I want to seem respectful to all of them; as well as being a career professional.  As much as I hold true to this standard that I have lived by, I do dwell to have my sexy side showcased from time-to-time.  Don’t be fooled, before there was Meek Monroe there was lots of sexy from the little college girl Tameka.  I am certain my college friends talk about how I made a huge change in the way that I dress.  I love me. I love my body.  Flaws and all, with complaints from time-to-time, but I love it.

My trip to New York City woke me up.

I watched ladies grace my path with all forms of looks.  From classy to elegant to trendy to chic to stylish to edgy to racy to sexy.  I too can do that.  I can capture every one of those genres of fashion without losing sense of self.  I can be that college Tameka from time-to-time, which will tie me into the Meek Monroe that I am on today.  Besides, every woman deserves to feel sexy.

This is my moment and I am sharing it with you and I know you will love it.

Inspired by Beyonce’ I am wearing threads from Coal n Terry collection to capture this look that Bey wore to a concert recently.

The top is a mimic of the iconic Fila brand and the bottoms are custom made string up shorts with heavy distressing in the front and back.  These are generally worn without panties for those who dare.  Let’s be honest, all women have a pantiless day anyways.  I finalized the look with a pair of Black Timberland boots laced with black and red laces; a Louis Vuitton Speedy Azul handbag finalized with a TJ Maxx grabbed camoflauge jacket.  Stare at the photos, I think I did pretty darn good channeling that look Beyonce’ wore.

For me, showing sexy, in a non ronchy way, is all in how you manage your pieces.  Save something for the imagination.  Enjoy, just in case this doesn’t happen again until another eclipse.


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