Meowy Christmas You Awesome Followers

Here’s to fun on Christmas Eve.

BTW, I don’t even like cats, but this shirt was cute and a perfect match with my emerald green pants.  I kept the pairing of these pieces simple, but fun to create a non-traditional Christamsy outfit.  As you can see, I pulled out the leopard prints…AGAIN!!!

I took the green from the mistletoe and ran with it when choosing the pants.  Since these pants are very vibrant, it was a perfect match that made the look standout.  Pairing the sweater with a pair of jeans would have created a traditional Christmas look, although I could have chosen red shoes and accessories to dress it up a bit.  Furthermore, I love how the leopard print enhances the look beyond a basic Christmas sweater.  I was a bit surprised that my sweater was throw into the ugly sweather category by an onlooker; the nerve.  Either way, choose an object of focus and create magic all around it for your super chic Christmas outfit.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Tips for photo taking:

  1. Always have lotion handy to touch up your hands and ankles
  2. When wearing several looks, wear undergarments that allows you to change anywhere (easiest in cold weather)
  3. Bring a towel & water bottle with you just in case something gets dirty
  4. Make sure your photographer knows to check your hair for displacement – this one is huge
  5. Stand straight and relax to not look constipated
  6. Be comfortable and be yourself


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