Miss LBD…Do You Know Her?

Absolutely stunning

I’d like to say that everyone has been acquainted with Miss LBD in their life.  It’s the LBD that never fails; makes you feel good about yourself; the funeral dress; and that all around slim my belly pull in my thighs kind of dress.

Now do you know who Miss LBD is?

I figured you would. I generally have two to three beautiful little black dresses, which is worn based on the occasion.  No way in this world my Sexy LBD could fit for a funeral to lye down a loved one: that’s my Anywhere LBD. But I definitely do have one for those sexy date nights and even Happy Hour; After-5 LBD.  And although we would like to, we can not leave out the need for an LBD for work; that’s Ms Professional LBD.  Yes, it is that serious to label my LBDs and have one for different occasions; it only makes sense.



This LBD that I am rocking is a lovely piece that I grabbed from The Limited prior to them shutting permanently their doors at the La Cantera Mall.  In case you haven’t heard; they are shutting their doors all throughout the US.  Sadly, they did not make an announcement; although they should have, similar to how they made a huge fuss over the overpriced Scandal collection, which was a flop.  Either way, I grabbed a ton of lovely dresses at that sale for amazing prices.  I chose to pair this SEXY LBD with a pair of Gucci Booties, a Wide Brim Hat and Fortune Cookie handbag.  Not only does this dress showcase my shape, it also presents as classy and sophisticated.  There is no way to ruin how chic one can look in this dress.  I choose to leave my neck free of any accessories since I wore my hair on the shoulders.  This dress is oh so perfect and I absolutely love it.

I love a classy LBD. Just have to keep my lint roller handy

When you find the perfect LBD; there’s no way you should let that sucker go.  I am holding this chic dress dear to my heart making sure not to fade, shrink, or lose it.  Had to laugh at myself there.  I am known to misplace a piece only to find it a month later right where I put it.  Anywho, I hope to hear about your love for the LBD and how you categorize which to wear where.

Absolutely stunning. An undeniable beauty

One final look.  Yep! I’m ready and fresh.  Ahaha.  That perfect feeling.

I like this reflection.


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Love the red hair on this chica. Beautiful

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