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 Mom In Fashion

I took to Facebook, in particular a group titled Alamo Ranch Moms,  to learn more about how moms feel, after childbirth; about being fasionable and daily upkeep.  Here’s the question and the answers.

What motivates your daily looks? 

Is it difficult to keep up with your own beauty when you’re so indulged in your role as mom, spouse, career professional, etc.?

Carina Monroe I am a mom to two active boys. I am in shorts or a tank . I wear a dress to church and have makeup on. I like to be able to be ready in a few minutes. I love sundresses and I would love to wear a high wedge shoe but I would fall down chasing after my 3.5 and 6 year old. Or they would push me down.. Lol! I managed to try on clothes with both of them yesterday. Shopping was my obsession twenty years ago and now it’s not as fun. Can’t wait to hear your styling tips..

Jenni G Speights Did not read all of the posts but…I need help! Lol. So I have six kids. I love to look cute. Struggled with weight and thyroid for years so its a yoyo. Have lost and kept off 45 lbs I. The last two years. However I am still breatfeeding and finding cute but user friendly stuff has been tough. Especially tops. Pls pls blog on this! Lol

Catherine Behrenst Since college, I’ve pretty much been the little or no makeup gal. I do love clothes and shoes, though. One might say I have expensive tastes, because my favorite pieces in my closet cost more than I have usually been paying. I like dressing up for church and looking professional at work. But I find it harder on the budget now since I don’t work full time. And while I love, love, love working part time, I really don’t want to work full time right now.

Arlett Huereque I use to get dressed up everyday with makeup and my hair done even though I was a sahm, i would even still wear heels when I had my 2nd daughter BUT all that changed when we had our 3rd daughter  now i go weeks w out wearing makeup, hair is always in a bun and i basically wear the same tanks and yoga pants haha I have totally lost myself since we had 3 kid’s, i never thought it would happen to me because looking nice was always just part of my day. I do miss my old self though. My mom always looked amazing and even when she had all 3 of us kid’s she would still rock her heels! I get most of my fashion sense from her and we both love makeup, i learned to do good makeup from her and my sisters. Since I had kids my style has definitely changed, i dont dress how i would really like to and its mostly because i am still losing weight. But i know someday once my girl’s are older and i no longer have to wake up and rush everyone out I’ll have time for me again! And ohhh you can totally use my name if you decide to use my response, I am totally ok w that 

Sonia Gz Its awful, I’m lazy! I don’t care to wear much make-up on a daily basis. I got that way since college. I’m not into high-end designer anything because I think it can be a waste of money (purses, earrings, etc) 
Partly, I like to reserve doing my make up and hair to feel really special for the times I do go out. I’m thinking of getting permanent eye liner because I really should perk up some! Lol

Tina Stickles I am europian… we dress up just to take the trash out lol….I grew up looking at my mom style… she use to make her own skirts…. I love 50 style but I do get out of it and mix it up.

Michelle Benavides de Dominguez I too wear scrubs most days but when I’m not in scrubs or yoga pants or pajamas I like classic looks that never go out of style. I like clean lines and the natural look when it comes to make up… I’m more of a thrift store chic kinda gal! Lol!

After reading what each mommy is seeking success in, in regards to their daily fashion, I have pull out my big book of “Dress Up” and come up with a solution for each situation.  

Ladies, we will use this strategy to get you on schedule with wearing the best looking styles come tomorrow morning.  This is for the mommies who want to live outside of the scrubs; reinvent the t-shirt style; update their professional look; and re-introduce confidence, fashion, and style back into their lives.  Get ready husbands to pour out compliments because you will soon meet your new “Hawt Mommy”.

1. Casual Comfy: a look that works for all mommies.  Especially if flat shoes, shorts, and jeans is your idea of a comfortable day’s attire.

2. Casual Chic: for the ladies who do enjoy a small wedge heel and even a bit higher

3. Sweet Chic: for the mommies seeking to fashion it up every now and then.  Out on the town with friends, the beau/hubby, or just to feel good

4. Miss Professionale: for the mommies out in the workforce hoping to change/jazz it up a bit

5. Lovely Curves: for my curvy mommies who want some good places to snag the best fashion and quality clothing out on the market. Perfect Tips for further reading

Share your thoughts on these different looks and how you can make your closet work for you.  Also, remember to check back with me for the post, “The Perfect Look” to learn more on how to put together your basic tee with a pair of jeans and look stunning; the work outfit you have worn for years with a twist; how wedges, a cardi, and a necklace can change an outift; the reasons to fall in love with your curves and embrace them.  There will be something for everyone.
FOR NOW, tell me who you are and what you wish to accomplish in your daily fashion.

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