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I’ve always held a modest swagger about my personal life; hence not letting too much out or too many in.   As a blogger, we are almost responsible to our fans and followers to share a WHOLOTA us and a little bit of our personals.  As a Fashion Blogger, I’ve chosen to share very little of my personals when involving my spouse, children, and home; as I want to keep something for ME.  The one thing that I don’t have to share to feel like a good blogger.  In saying all of this, I noticed that my home had become a staple for some of my daily social media postings.  Yeah people loved my decor, but I wasn’t okay with random people getting a wide view tour, if my home, without ever crossing the threshold.  This very situation led to my decision to create ONE space in my home that would be only mine.  Mine for photos.  Mine for blogging.  Mine for fashion.  Mine to change everyday.   
To you, I present…Skinnee Girl Confidence Fashion Place

Here is the Journey


A Little Background:

My Thoughts: 
The space is definitely amazing and gives a feel good of fashion from home decor to shoes, clothing, handbags, magazines, and even shopping bags.  I chose to keep the shopping bags and use as hangings because that is what once carried my wardrobe.

The clear manneqin head and headpiece are essentials that I love because it is simply fashion.  I wore the headpiece for my 30th Birthday party and needed a Mannequin Head to hold it.  Pier 1 was my go to place for it.  
I have a strong love for Designer pieces, hence adding a Louis Vuitton box top from a purse my honey purchased for me.  The photo behind the Gold, Jessica Simpson, Platform Sandals is one from a magazine, in which the model wears Louis Vuitton.  
The MM is for Meek Monroe 🙂 
DEER Fashion:
The Deer head and wall hanging just fits.  Deer gives a rustic feel to life because the scenery they live in is natural, woody, and all around peaceful. I feel like this twist helps capture what I wanted in my space.  A rustic, yet classic; feel, which captures my overall personality, in a space of fashion peace.  
What I’m Wearing:
In this space, I chose to keep the area free and clear of too much clutter so that I can showcase daily looks.  Be it professional, vintage, casual, or formal; I wanted to ensure the viewer sees the look and not the decor overpowering the look.  A friend did share an idea to add a frame around the space, which I plan to do once I find that perfect one.  I had hubby add a piece of crown molding to hold my shoes.  This way I am not tasked with bringing shoes up and down the stairs every day.
Skinnee Girl Confidence:
Here you have me standing before the striped wall, which was done with Gold Fabric.  A fabric that I purchased nearly 5 years ago and have not used it for anything.  I chose to add my Couture Frame, which I purchased from Z Gallerie some time ago, and Couture photos for this wall.  Clearly, that’s a mecca of fashion, so why not.  The photos were hot glued onto a canvas board, then onto a Frame ($3.60 @ Hobby Lobby) to create a 3D effect.  I finished the wall with the letter “SGC” Skinnee Girl Confidence.  How else would I let the world know we’re an affiliate? 
There are so many ways to showcase your love for fashion through home decor and this is mine.  I am hopeful that you enjoyed the Journey and continue to follow me as I use this space to re-create my blog and daily Pinterest posting to share looks that are sure to get you noticed. 
In the END, I am always available and ready to simply TALK FASHION

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