New York City, Leather, & a Life Lesson…

…since fashion and lessons are one in the same. MAYBE?

During my amazing New York City fashion week experience, I took a moment to have a few of my favorite pieces for this fall captured.  I hung out with Dee, an amazing street style photographer who is extremely affordable and great at what she does.  I truly learned the difference between working with a photographer vs a street style photographer.  There is a difference, but that’s a story for another blog post.  #dontbeanxious

Now to fashion and lessons in the same post.


I learn many lessons in fashion…don’t judge the creativity behind a person’s look; just live in the moment with the stylist.  There are instances when the creativity is just plain ole junk, but still; it’s that person’s expression on what fashion is to them.  Now don’t think I’m not giving that look the awkward eye, because I do, yet I cannot overlook what their thought was when pairing those pieces.  In that same instance, you look at someone’s face, walk, eyes, swagger, and even appearance and make an assumption that all is well in their world; especially when that person is well put together.  This assumption is often off.

For me, I know this struggle, as I am always put together; even on my worse day, yet seen as the person who has it all figured out causing people to overlook my hurt and pain that is unseen; even when I voice my feelings.  Tuesday morning I completely forgot about my dental appointment.  Was reminded at 8:45a; finally jumped up at 8:51a; threw on a leather dress, some pumps, and a handbag; then headed to my appointment.  Hair was not combed, skin not oiled, face dry and pale; feeling like a hot mess; yet 2 people saw the beauty in my look by complimenting how pretty I was.  That truly made my day.  It reminds me of the Drake quote, “chillin with no make-up on, that’s when you’re the prettiest, I hope that you don’t take it wrong“.  It was a different feeling this time vs all of the other compliments I get, because I was exhausted; mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Just straight tired.  Since my outer appearance showed different, the world couldn’t tell that anything was wrong.  A common assumption in life.

Now let’s get to this lovely outfit that I chose for one of my favorites for this Fall weather.  Lucky me it was cooler in NYC than San Antonio, which made this photoshoot that much easier and so much more fun.  Since it’s no secret leather is my favorite, that’s exactly what I added into this look.  As I still wanted to stay true to the Texas weather, it’s no wonder I paired the skirt with a cold shoulder top, instead of a chunky sweater, which would be most appropriate for New York weather, but I can’t blog to my Louisiana-Texas natives showing off a look for the New Yorkers, teehehee.

The crazy thing here is when this set of pictures ties in perfectly with this post as I was dealing with a horrific Air BnB experience hours before this shoot; walked 2 miles in Tribeca NY dragging 2-50lb suitcases struggling to get to a hotel in time to shower, dawl up, and prepare for the shoot.  Talk about a task and a whole lot of frustration.  Look at my face; could you tell?  Did you read that?  Would you have felt the need to ask me if I was okay, judging from this picture… NOPE!  That is my point.  It’s the unseen emotions that we tend to overlook assuming all is well, but trust you can’t overlook this hot look.

I am wearing a genuine leather pencil skirt grabbed from Neiman Marcus this Summer for under $100.  Trick, buy leather out of season.  Start browsing leather pieces that you like in late December with plans to purchase in February – March when the pieces begin to go on Sale.  Try online stores, as they tend to often and extra shopping discount; especially for holidays and weekends.  Also, grab faux leather pieces that are 100% Polyurethane.  Those look closest to real leather, but are also a bit pricey.  Just use the same aforementioned tip and you’ll be fine.  The rest of the look is to add fun and pizzazz.  I paired the top and skirt with red Christian Louboutin pumps, a blush colored BCBG Maxazria belt, and Kate Spade NY clutch.  I went with red pumps because the clutch and belt tend to be Spring colors and a RED-PINK collabo symbolizes love which always goes together since love is a part of who I am.  Cheers to 2 lessons in 1 post: leave assumptions to suckers and buy your leather on sale.  Chao!

Don’t read the title and know the story, read the book; you might learn something.


Back to life, Back to reality…

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