Nothing Like a Good Jumpsuit

Not much of a jumpsuit wearer due to the length always falling short.  Whether it be a shorts romper or pants option, they are both too short for these legs, which caused me to stray away from them altogether.  And then I found one.

Fortunately this jumpsuit came through for ya girl with a perfect fit.

Being in my 30s, there are a few things to keep in mind when I opt to wear a jumpsuit/romper.  I am rearing ladies; therefore, I must exhibit those qualities in all that I do.  That is also a reason why I make certain to have some time to myself for my ratchetness can come alive.

TIPS For Wearing a Jumpsuit:

  1. Opt to purchase a size up.  This allows you to avoid the camel toe and permanent fish bite
  2. Pair with animal print shoes/handbag
  3. Always find one that will compliment your figure, you do not want to look like a box
  4. Wear good comfortable panties or you will be digging all day.  Good luck with that
  5. BE stylish and ladylike

Hopefully those tips are helpful.  Rompers/jumpsuits are super cute, but are often worn skankish yet don’t have too.  Grab your next romper/jumpsuit and make magic.


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