OHHHH The Scarf

How I wore this lovely Leopard print scarf 3 different ways to pull off 3 different looks.  If you are newly following Skinnee Girl Confidence blog, I am in love with wearing the same piece/accessory in different looks to create a new style.  I chose to do this and share with you with a Gucci Scarf that I grabbed for a whopping $55.  Oh yeah! #WINNING
1. As a neck accessory
2. As a head band
3. As a handbag accessory

In this look, I wore the scarf as a fluffy necklace to enhance the look of this plain ribbed tee.  I like ribbed tees, but only when paired with a cute blazer, scarf, or statement necklace.  In this case, the scarf is seen as the statement piece in this look.
Here, I wore the scarf on two separate occasions as a head band.  I have not worn a scarf as a headband in quite some time.  When I first decided to stop relaxing my hair (go Natural) and wear my hair in an afro; I immediately needed something to jazz up the dull look.  I used a scarf on many occasions.  Not I am back at it with the bangs.  
In this finaL look, I am actually using the scarf as an accessory to my clutch/handbag.  As you can see the clutch is monochromatic with my trousers; therefore, I needed an eye pop accessory to give the clutch some pizazz.  Simply done with this scarf.
Take your scarves to the next level by making them versatile with your look.  I love recreating looks by adding an accessory to jazz my overall appearance.  Enjoy your scarves this summer and play with some different options.  Out and about.  Love…

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