One HAUTE Mommy

Blessed 3 ½ years ago, I was given the honor to birth Claire Janette on February 8th.  The pregnancy was unimaginably amazing, until minutes before her birth.  I was informed that I would need to proceed for birth via cesarean.  The thought of having to undergo major surgery, which I had not mentally prepared for, was so overwhelming and I was an emotional wreck.  Not to mention, I had just hogged down a large portion of Gumbo from Pat’s of Henderson moments prior meaning that my tummy was full and about to get cut open.  Whew!  This was a huge pill to swallow.

Needless to say, surgery occurred, a beauty was born, I was grateful, and life went on.  Unfortunately, that dreaded POOCH (known to us cesarean hags) was not going anywhere.  Oh how it lagged and lagged until we fell in love.  I put in as much hard work as I could even backing away from the tacos—hard to do when I reside in San Antonio.  Weight went, abs came, POOCH stayed behind.  Finally I gave up, I gave in.
Not too soon when I gave in, I was due to birth another baby girl, Cydney Juliette via the dreaded cesarean.  Oh my, what will POOCH decide to do this time.  Let’s just say that I am fighting back this go round.  POOCH and I will not become lifelong friends.  As I started my weight loss journey after Cydney’s first birthday, I watched 25 pounds drop from eating better (no bread, pasta, or rice) and doing minimal workout (treadmill, elliptical, some weight machines) for about 3 hours/week.  Still POOCH was here with me.  In it all I will say that POOCH is on his way out of the door really soon.  I have adopted a workout plan, in which I walk 3 miles 3 times/week and partake in floor abdominal exercises twice daily, everyday.  I am sure to remain “One Haute Mommy”

To my cesarean hags, hold on to that POOCH no longer.  Get on your back, knees up and fight for your tummy back.  That surgery is only temporary so we need to put in the sweat and watch those pounds go and that POOCH tighten.  “I am a believer”.
POOCH Terminator
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