One Hawt Mommy

It’s no secret, I’m the mommy to 2 beautiful little girls.  Princesses, Claire Janette and Cydney J.  Both are precious and worthy gifts, to Cody and I, from God. 
After birthing Claire, I was not certain how I would regain my confidence, as I was a Size 10 in Jeans.  Ummm, I have always been between a Size 4 and 6, so that was definitely a bummer for me.  I took to the streets in our neighborhood and walked every evening.  Since she was stroller riding, it was perfect for both of us.  The neighborhood was hilly so that helped even better.  And then the weight went.  Yah!  I was back.
Literally 6 months later, I was pregnant with Cydney.  Ode to the journey of motherhood, yet one more time.  Same story, same song…after birthing Cydney.  Only 1 issue, I cannot keep off the stomach weight…for whatever reason.  Anywho, I love looking my absolute best.  Whether it be a day in the house or a day on the street, give me clothes and I’ll give you fashion that is CHIC!
In this look, I share regained confidence, a beautiful mommy, a lovely smile, a happy place.  I am certain that we all can agree that finding our happy place starts with our outer appearance.  If I did not look good, I would not feel good.  Don’t become the mommy that doesn’t care…become the ‘One Hawt Mommy’ who sets the stage for new mommies entering into our world of regained confidence and restored happiness.  Own your body, own your life, and own your style.  
Shirt: Philosophy purchased at Marshall’s
Pants: Gap (I distressed the jeans)
Shoes: Nine West purchased at Nordstrom Rack
Hat: JcPenney
Jewelry: assortment
Location: The Pearl in San Antonio

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