Ooh La La: Leopard Print and Red

So I have mentioned this on many occasions, but some may be new to my blog and unaware; I work from home, which does not entail me to dress fancy on a daily; therefore, I give you a simple, casual, chic look that you too can put together from your very own closet.

Classy, sexy, and fierce. Red is a statement color and this look is making a statement.

In this look, I chose something simple, which can easily be worn to work on casual Fridays or out on the town with friends.  Here is the breakdown that makes this look very ‘Casual Chic’.   A white top, red blazer, leopard print shoes and belt were chosen to present a chic look.  The print pieces are your statement items; therefore, it makes sense to keep the other pieces simple, not to clutter your look.  (Check out Outfit Balancing) When I think print, I think red.  Red pairs well with every print known to man.  In that sense, Red also pairs well with denim and white, hence the denim jeans and white top.   What you are seeing is a Plain White Racy Tank paired with Distressed Jeans to begin with your basic look.  These pieces are accessorized with a Leopard Print Belt and Pumps, which enhances the chicness of this look, removing that plain factor.  Finishing this look off with the Red Blazer literally changes the appeal on how Chic you present.  VOILA!  It is all in the way that you wear your pieces.
 Stunning. I need this red blazer
CLOSET TIPS: You could tone this look down, by wearing a pair of Converse and black belt.  For colder weather; wear a turtleneck/sweater with riding boots/booties and a scarf.  You can also pull this look off in the Fall with cool weather.  Simply scrunch the sleeves on the blazer and pair with shoes of choice depending on plans.  Lastly, for a more ‘Business Casual’ look, wear Straight Leg denim and a blouse/Oxford top.
Similar Pieces: Blazer, Belt, Jeans, Shoes, Tanks & Earrings (in your closet)
In the meantime, Enjoy!
During the time of these photos, I was struggling to lose a stubborn 15 pounds; after having my second daughter, hence the pudgy belly.  If you truly pay attention to my persona; I am exuding confidence regardless.  This is where we all need to be.  Find our happy place and love ourselves beyond the belly fat, thick thighs, cellulite, and rolls.  Because CONFIDENCE can win.
Back to life, Back to reality…
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