Out of My Zone

This is one chic look. Very elegant in the b/w stripes with a pink blazer. This zone is where I need to be in my style
I’m a fashion blogger.  

A fashion blogger who is expected to dibble and dabble in all types of looks, colors, patterns, textures of fabric and what not; however, that’s not who I have been.  I’ve bit in my comfort.  My comfort that comes with little to no eye shadow.  My comfort that presents with lack of patterned pieces and few to no vibrant colored pieces.  This has been the zone I’ve driven in with my fashion sense for the 2 years of blogging.  Not that I did not want to dabble into the world of pattern and colors, but my fear of doing too much has kept me away.

This past Summer, I had an epiphany; which woke me up to listen to the advice I am always giving to others.  Wear those pieces that you love and do it BOLD and LOUD.  Bold enough to be seen and Loud enough to be heard.  I’m taking my own advice.  Here’s to a patterned dress styled with a vibrant cape for proof that I’m stepping out of my zone to give the people what they need; A fashion blogger who takes her own advice and live in the very same greatness she shares with her followers.

Dress: Asos
Shoes: Ted Baker from Nordstrom Rack
Sunglasses: Stella McCartney
Photos: Cody Monroe
Please share your thoughts on what this look does for you and your plans to be BOLD and LOUD.


Back to life, Back to reality…


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