Out on the Town -What’s In Your Closet?

All too often I feel a little odd when people stop and stare at me while I flaunt my stuff walking at the mall, in a shopping center, or even in a grocery store.  It took some time to get used to, as I had to realize so many Ladies have gone away from dawling up because of the love for comfort; not realizing that
FASHION CAN BE COMFORTABLE.  Simply take a peek at the other ladies in the background of this photo and you’ll see why I stand out.  Easily put, I am only shopping what I have in my closet to create style greatness in every look.  So since I am always sharing how I shop my closet; here are some tips on what you absolutely cannot live without in your closet.  REVIEW THIS CHECKLIST and shop your closet.

A closet most definitely must have essential pieces, if you’re ever planning to find and create your style.  Your style is truly a depiction of who you are.  Going into your closet to find an outfit depends on your morning mood, day plans, comfort level, and such; which is why each person will look extremely different even when wearing the same threads.

Here is a list of pieces that I swear by, to ensure you have what you need to survive this thing called fashion.  Be certain to visit your closet and start a GOOD, healthy detox.
If it doesn’t fit; donate it.
If you aren’t sure about it; donate it.
If you haven’t worn it in over 6 months; donate it.
If it looks weird, at first glance; donate it.
If you don’t know why you ever bought it; donate it.
If it still has a tag and you have no idea when you bought it; donate it.
That’s what I call a healthy detox.  GOOD LUCK!
As you can see in the above guide, there are a good many black and tan pieces.  Those are 2 colors, which will pair well with just about anything; this helps my “non-fashionable” (no pun intended; it’s the phrase most referred too when asking for fashion tips) followers learn to sort through their clothing easier to create perfect looks and find what fits with their style.  It is so important to have a little color and pattern mix also.  These are pieces that makes the look POP.

I am wearing a b/w patterned top with coated skinny leg jeans and a red-orange pump given to me by a friend, Kyna Washington, who happens to be a teacher of fashion in Katy, TX.  I too wear hand-me-downs, especially from this fashionista.
Top: unknown
Bottoms: Old Navy
Shoes: Friend, BCBG  design
Sunnies: Marc Jacobs from Dillard’s
Clutch: Francesca’s
Hair/Makeup: MEek
Style Assistant: Lisa Cuevas
Photog: Cody Monroe

back to life, back to reality….


WEAR IT NOW! WEAR IT LATER! Closet Shopping…
I paired those Skinny Leg, Coated Jeans with a Denim top from inTheAnthill and a pair of Yves Saint Laurent pumps, that are also Denim.  I finished this look off with an Orange Gucci handbag and stylish Miu Miu sunnies.

SHARE: What exactly have you learned from the “Closet Essentials” Checklist, in reference to revamping your closet?

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