Do What Makes Sense: Outfit Balancing

All too often I run across a lady wearing a nice, flowy blouse; with tons of character, and a statement necklace…all in one outfit.  That’s just too much.

Every outfit doesn’t call for lavish accessories or any at all.

What a beautiful dress. I love read. And that clutch is everything.

Take this dress for instance.  The dress is a long-sleeve, semi turtleneck statement dress.  This piece does not require heavy jewelry to compliment it’s beauty; hence I opted for stud earrings.  A dress this lovely needs to speak all on its own.

Never ruin the spotlight/focus in your outfits.

Clean, chic, and all together stunning.

In this look, I totally forgot to add earrings and turns out; they weren’t necessary anyways.  Why not? One, because every outfit doesn’t have to have jewelry.  Two, because this turtleneck bodysuit is a statement in itself and only needs a body to hug.  The ruffles alone are taking the spotlight.  Don’t use jewelry to taint that image.  Let it be.

Loving the patterns. Hot

And yet another look with no earrings, necklace or bracelets.

The key to truly capturing a great look is balance.  It’s very, very important that you choose a focal piece and dress around it.  For instance, if you want to wear your cute statement necklace a friend gave you for Christmas, do it; but wear pieces which compliment this necklace, not overpower it.  Styling yourself is fun, because of the possibilities, which is done best when your outfit tells a little story rather than show confusion.

Dying for those red pants. Love

And another. Minimal Jewelry.

In this look, I am wearing a cami underneath a Camouflauge jacket.  Could I have allowed the jacket to be my focal piece, YEP; but that wasn’t the plan.  Since the shirt and jacket are mono it made since to give my neck some attention with a BOLD POP.  This statement necklace was right for the job.  It gets your attention.  It plays to the fun of what a dull color like olive can be.  It enhances the drab of wearing camouflage.  It brings in those snakeskin shoes; so far away from reality.  Brilliance.  An outfit paired with brilliance.

BAM! This chick is hot. I love everything about that necklace.

Here.  Here’s when you pull out your statement necklace and let loose with your outfit.

Have fun getting dress, but take your time and get it right.  You will look better, hence you’ll feel better. Trust me.


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