Pairing Pieces

Fashion: the look on a mannequin anyone can try on
Style: the look on YOU that makes it your own; no one can wear it the same

This is how you get to that point.  You open your closet door and get to work.
–Each morning you wake, your mood is totally different.  It’s a mood that’ll define the type of Monday you’ll have and maybe the type of week.  When you make that first reach for a top or bottoms; do something different.  If black/white is generally your go too; do it, but add a pair of print shoes and colored purse or vice versa.  VOILA! You are creating your own style.  How about adding a cardigan or scarf; or maybe a fancy piece of jewelry.  Either way, you can wear a look that tailors to your style and what you want to represent.  The same clever look on me can be suitable for you, but different in appeal because you will wear it as your own.  Have fun trying new pieces that you haven’t worn in a while and mix match from the norm.  I promise you, you’ll be happy.  Take a look at what I’ve come up with in my WEAR IT NOW, WEAR IT LATER looks.  Leave some feedback on how these tips have enhanced your daily style routine.


In these 3 looks, I am giving 3 different approaches to wearing a blazer.  Pic 1 shares a stylish evening look, which gives me the look of a business woman on the go.  Pic 2, the look gives you an “I am casually spending an afternoon at lunch w/ friends” appeal.  Pic 3, I come through like a celebrity hello-ing to the papparazzi.  Celebs are always caught in denim and blazers with small handbags; on their cellular phones.  That’s what I was going for in this look: Style Like a Celeb.

Two years ago, Old Navy offered these coated, skinny leg jeans in LONG and I grabbed a pair.  I damaged the coated texture during laundering and bought 2 pair the next year; just in case.  I can always use these jeans to make a statement look and showcase versatility in what I wear.  These jeans brings out a leathery flare and broadens the class and confidence of my looks.  My fav black jeans.  In each look, I am repeating the jeans and choker, which creates a different style via each pic.  The ability to pair this 1 pair of jeans in 3 looks allows for less shopping for a person on a budget.

This Marilyn Monroe top paired with 2 looks, in which both are totally different and can be worn for similar or different occasions.  In the pic on the Left; I’ll wear for an evening on the town.  The pic on the Right; for a fun Happy Hour or day of shopping.  Either way, this shares how to repeat pieces without duplicating the overall look or standing out.  I love this shirt.

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