Papparazzi: Catch My Fly

I’m starting to experience how much the world has truly become more of a visual society than ever before; therefore, I will give you more pictures and less words in this post.  This way, you can focus your attention on the pieces rather than the words. I paired a basic 3/4 Sleeve white dress with a Red Blazer and Silver heels to add pizzazz to what could have been a basic look.  Dare to wear a blazer. 

Blazer: The Limited
Dress: unknown
Shoes: Vince Camuto from Dillard’s
Choker: Designer Samantha Plasencia 
THE Inspiration: 
Using the pieces I own to create Style
A Style that defines MEek
A MEek that’s a mommy
A Mommy who refuses to water down her wardrobe
Photos by Cody Monroe at Eilan Resort & Hotel

 An EXIT should render the same attention as your ENTRANCE.  Later!
I’ve always loved Fashion
I’ve always Embraced my style
I’ve always looked fab
and I’ll always share TIPS with y’all

Louisiana Country Gal 
Get The Look
     Image result for vince camuto barlowe        "Rachelle" Ivory White 3/4 Sleeve V Neck Simple Bodycon Midi Dress       J.Crew Womens Petite Rhodes Blazer In Linen
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