Prepared for Summer Vacation Yet?

Based on where you plan to vacay this Summer determines how you’d have to pack.  Either way, you definitely want some really thin pieces to keep you cool in this oh; so hot weather.  I have already began planning for an upcoming hub and me cruise; therefore, I have shorts, flowy dresses, sunnies, sandals, and Panama hats ready for the sun.

Packing for a fun Summer trip is truly a lot easier than a long winter stay; considering your bag will be lighter and everyday the weather is the same; HOT!  You seriously cannot go wrong.  My only no, no would be genuine denim shorts.  The tend to hold heat; are a lot heavier; and you do not want to get tossed in the pool because it’ll take days for the shorts to dry.  Fortunately, there are so many stores, with various options on where you can shop for the BEST looks for your upcoming Summer vacations.  And of course, I have the deets.

My favorite piece thus far, a Banana dress, from J.Crew.  If you are not a J.Crew shopper; you are missing out.  This store has tons of really cute pieces that are colorful and lots of patterns.   The vibrant colors are a perfect twist to your Summer looks and definitely standout pieces on vacation.  I love how yellow works well with my skin and pairs perfectly with my Panama Hat; also a J.Crew grab.  I am definitely big on buying Summer pieces, which are great quality; because I do not buy a ton so I need them to last.  My shorts this year are mostly from stores like J.Crew; Loft, Ann Taylor; Banana Republic and such.  You are due to pay about $20/pair at each of these retailers; however, worth it if you hope to have your Summer threads for years to come.

I am sure you’re wondering; how’d I grab shorts from those retailers for only $20.

No worries; here’s the spill.  I started purchasing my shorts right after Winter sales, which was around the time stores were running 40% promotions to get the Spring pieces introduced to the public and moving.  They were clearly hoping to get the Summer collections rolling in smoothly to prep us for a fashionable season; and I bought in on it.  Now that you are a little late to the party, you need to start watching out for the Memorial Day sales, which will begin the week prior.  Retailers are all too familiar with the travelers for Memorial Day weekend; therefore, they are hopeful to catch their customers who are last minute shopping.   Tips for you to get your Summer pieces before the hype ends by capitalizing on this Memorial Day and upcoming 4th of July sales.

Your Shopping TIPS:

  1. Jot down the names of all stores you want to shop (ie Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Target, J.Crew Factory)
  2. Search their online stores first.
  3. Shop on Sundays, Mondays, and Fridays.  These days have the best promotions
  4. Search again right after Memorial Day because stores need to move the excess items they were hoping to sale over the weekend
  5. If a promotion in store is 30%; check their online for 40%.  They almost always have a larger promo online w free shipping
  6. Look for stores with EXTRA 25% off clearance. You can also grab some Winter threads while you are at it for great prices
  7. If the sale is great, buy in bulk and be done (5 pair shorts; 8 shirts; 2 pair sandals; 1 hat; 1 pair sunnies, etc)
  8. Buy items that you can mix-and-match for a versatile Summer wardrobe

For more tips on shopping for quality clothing check out a previous blog post, Are You A Boss?


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