Prints for the WIN!

Animal print was never really my thing.

Pretty in print

Mainly because the pieces seemed cheap and terribly made.  Especially the thin, stretchy tights that always seemed to be caught up into someone’s booty when the person either bought the tights too small or just had a booty that wasn’t meant for that fabric.  I digress.  Needless to say, animal print has come a long way and is even gaining it’s way in the popularity category.  I too have found my way with wearing the style even beyond pumps and booties.

Last season H&M offered a two-piece option in Cheetah and I was sold.  The jacket is perfectly made and very nicely sewn with a perfect match to the mini skirt for this collection.  I loved the look of the jacket so much that I grabbed it at regular price while on vacation in New Orleans.  I got lucky to find the mini skirt here in San Antonio for only $10, which excited me so.  Here’s to a fun, cheetah print look in the fashionable streets of NYC.  Hope you like…yet, I know you will.

Love for prints is my new thing.


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