Pull Through in 2018 -Here’s How

So many folks claim how bad the year was and walk into a new year only to re-write the same tired post.  Why?

Shouldn’t you have a different story to tell at year’s end since you learned from your mistakes the year prior? NO.  You don’t.  Well guess what, you will come year end 2018, because you will do exactly what I say.  These tips are quick and easy and so for YOU!  For you to nail 2018; accomplishing your goals and rewriting your book.

WARNING: this may be harsh, because staring at the truth never feels good.  Grab a tissue, cry it out, and suck it up.

  1. MYOB: MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!  Use that time caring about your well-being
  2. Ain’t nothing in life worth it, is easy.  So stop the darn crying and do what you gotta do to get what you want.
  3. You made your bed, lie in it.
  4. When you’re done begging for pity; get up, fix that shit, and start living the life you desire
  5. STOP being intimated by people who have the life you would prefer.  GET THERE!!!
  6. Life is too short to want someone else’s greatness.  Go get your own.
  7. Sit back, self reflect, and figure out what you are doing wrong that is keeping you in the same rut year after year.  It’s YOU.  It’s all YOU.  Make the necessary change to create the story you desire
  8. Live life with no regrets.   Let your wrongs be lessons that push you to the next level.

Oh and do it in style.  I am rocking this hella cute look pacing the streets of San Antonio’s popular Farmers Market down in the The Historic Pearl.  Definitely one of my favorite places to take photos.  So many good sceneries.  I am sporting a royal blue sweater from Goodwill San Antonio, paired with pearl embellished mom jeans; an ASOS grab, red Steve Madden booties, and a chic, cozy leopard print jacket, which I literally yanked from TJ Maxx.  Let me give you another look at how fab this outfit is.

The faux fur stole, Gucci belt, and handbag simply adds the extra umph necessary for any look to come to life.  Guys, I love you.  Not that I know you to love your ways or personality, but love you enough to speak truth into you world and want you to succeed.  Take heed to your life and make it great; since Donald Trump’s plan might not come to life.  With love, blessings, and prayers to you for a PHENOMENAL 2018

The key to making your wardrobe pop is dressing around 1 focal piece.  I wanted the blue sweater to stand out because I love the cut-out details on the neckline and blue is my favorite color.  Accessorizing with the faux fur stole/leopard print jacket was to make my look a bit more elegant removing the casual appeal.  Red booties just create my style.  It shows how I am a risk taker in my own regards with zero …. given.  TUH!!!


Back to Life, Back to Reality…

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