Relax In Style…

…your mind and body deserves it.
I have a career that takes at least 40-hours of my brain a week.
I have 2 children that sucks up no less than 100-hours a week.  You never stop thinking with kids.
I have a husband who sucks me out of at least 50-hours a week.
I have too many hobbies to count, which accounts for another 25 hours of my brain/week.
Although I just shared with you that more hours of my brain are sucked than hours in a week; I wouldn’t change my life for the world.  However, I do take time to myself to relax and enjoy the moments that are solely mine.
After the kids, it was a bit tough getting back into my old habits of dressing stylish.  I would dress the girls, comb hair, organize a mommy bag, and then had 5-minutes left for me to throw on whatever.  That’s all fine and dandy, until you leave the house in opposite shoes.  That was my breaking point.  I have to make time for me to regain my sense of self.  
I am a person.  
I can live.  
I can love. 
I can look great. 
I can look young. 
I can be great.  
So that’s what I’ve done.  I take advantage of every opportunity I have to just be MEek.  The me who loves to look great; like pairing cool looks, like to tell others how to look stylish; and the me who likes to relax in the middle of it all.

When I relax, it’s done in style.  There is no more room for 5-minute dress ups or mix matched shoes; only stylish looks and 3 inch pumps. 
Here’s my go to space.  
I am not apologetic for enjoying an eve in MY hammock; browsing a magazine; dressed to impress; unbothered.  This is what relaxation is to me.

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