RERUN: The Cream Trousers

When I finally snagged a pair of Cream Trousers, I fell in love. 
 New York City                                               Church in Lake Charles

Unfortunately, I don’t wear them as much as I hoped too…hey I have 2 kiddos; cream isn’t always ideal, but I did get to sport them twice in 1 week.  Here is the story.

I fled San Antonio for a quick 3-day training in NYC.  Yep, NYC.  Although I knew we were traveling to Louisiana when I returned, the plan was never to travel immediately when I landed.  Since life happens, that is what happened.  Not only did I sport these super cute trousers for Training, but I wore them again for church that Sunday.  That was twice in 4 days and I think they looked hella cute in both situations.

off to work I go…
So here’s to trousers in 4 days worn from NYC to Louisiana all to serve one purpose: Look Fashionable.  Share with me which look you thought I wore best.  I can’t seem to pick one over the other.
Ever had to wear the same trousers within 3 days of each other…share your story; I want to know.  Especially if it was due to a longgggg week onto weekend.  Heehe!

This was only 1 look that I had to rerun during my adventurous week. Stay tuned for Look #2
Also, TREND REPORT is underway.  Make sure to check out some great trends, worn out in the celebrity world, that you can create from your closet or get super cheap.

See y’all Later (in my Louisiana accent)

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