You Rock Black & White? Make It POP!!!!

Just like I have done with the vibrant pink Blazer.

I absolutely love wearing black and white, just as much as I love all black or all white looks.  It’s honestly just a fun way to show how you can be creative with your style when you make colors turn magic.  There is no better way to show off your styling abilities than to spice up a basic B/W look.  In this look, I went for something a little loud to capture a few eyeballs, since this look is from my online boutique SG Couture


Since I chose the loud colored blazer to amp up the look, I went with a subtle blush colored sandal to keep from confusing where the eye should stare.  Wearing my fluffly toed Steve Madden sandals gets the attention too, but not as much when your blazer is hot pink.  This is truly simple styling that any lady can pull off the next time you are tasked with wearing B/W.

Style TIPS:

  • Vow to pair your B/W with an animal print piece (scarf, shoes, accessories, handbag).  This also enhances a basic styled look
  • Definitely pull out the red/gold accessories and shoes.  You can never go wrong with red paired with B/W.  Gold adds that extra umph
  • Stay away from a black shoe, unless you have a Bad Ass Black shoe.  Anyone can wear all black and white, only the stylish can add a twist too it.  BE the stylish
  • Always have CRISP white pieces.  I recommend you owning more than one white pair of pants, tanks, button downs, etc.  Once our piece turns into ivory or cream, you are no longer wearing B/W.  VERY IMPORTANT!!! You will notice that your white isn’t so white when you arrive at the gathering
  • Silver is an easy match with B/W, but don’t do it.  Gold stands out more.  Pearls are also a great fit.

Soooo, what’s your favorite GEAUX TO B/W outfit?

Until next time, rock those looks with confidence and always do it with style.  Lots of love my beautiful Skinnee Girls (it ain’t the body size, but the confidence).

 These 3 pieces are currently available to shop on the SG Couture Boutique website, or you can shop right from this post.  If you choose to do so, use code SGCBLOG for $9 off of your total purchase (Tee Shirts excluded).  As always, thanks for stopping by!


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