ROYAL FASHIONISTAS of San Antonio: Meet the Ladies

Some time ago, I did not fit in with the fashion group San Antonio has and nothing seem to vibe for me with those ladies……simply put; I started my own.  I call it, Royal Fashionistas.  The ladies are amazing.  Very intelligent, sociable, down-to-Earth, kindhearted, and fashion forward.  Now that’s the kind of ladies that I choose to vibe with.  Here’s to the new beginnings of a “fashion group” in the city of San Antonio.  Chao!

Meet the Ladies

Sabrina: the mastermind behind our social media platform and a true supporter of my vision.

Amber: a beautiful soul who is fashion forward and always ready to slay

MEek the mastermind behind it all.  Need I say more.

Stay tuned for an update on what’s to come and other fashionable ladies who have also joined the group.  Chao!


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