Scared of Patterns. WHY?

I struggled for a while to wear any patterned pieces, especially bottoms, because my legs are so long.  Felt like it would be a never ending story.  Teeheehe.

Lovely outfit

Now I am all over it.  I absolutely love wearing stripes, polka dots, gingham, flowers, and such.  It’s fun, chic, and hella stylish. Especially when done together; flowers with stripes; polka dots with stripes; vertical and horizontal stripes; all of the patterns the world has to offer.  So here’s to your love for patterns and an even greater love to wear whatever pattern you want; however, you want.

In this photo, I paired a Lush Boutique crop tank with high waisted cropped pants from H&M.  These pants are a unique plaid pattern, which were perfect with this top.  The sandals are Aldo and the handbag; Ted Baker from Nordstrom.  I ended the look with the scarf around the neck to simply add some pizzazz.  Have fun with your patterns and do not let them take over.  VLOG coming soon for more tips on how to perfectly pair patterns.


Back to Life…Back to Reality.

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