Sex Appeal

I am no Size 0, but I love my sexy either way.  

In this look, I pulled out those sexy shorts that I wore for my signature photos some months ago.  Those shorts really bring out my youth and ever Long Legs, which I am in love with.
Here is what happened with this look.
Since I was aiming for a total “Sex Appeal” look, I chose to pair the skimpy jean shorts with this Baywatch tank.  The tank represents bust and sexy all in the same sentence.  When you see the word Baywatch, what comes to mind?  See!  Since the look gives off skimpy and I am more on the conservative side with my backside showing, I chose to pair this look with the khaki ‘Brown Bag Dress’ to dub as a trench coat.  The trench really pulled this look together, yet did not remove from the sex appeal.  When you are entering your 30s, sex appeal is very essential, as we were all about keeping up that look while enduring our 20s.  I plan to move into that same mindset into my 40s, ten years from now.  But until then, enjoy my ‘Sex Appeal’ at 30 years old.

The Look:

Shirt: purchased at Nordstrom
Shorts: purchased at Alibi Boutique
Shoes: Tory Burch purchased at Nordstrom Rack
Trench: Gap
Location: The Pearl in San Antonio
Photography: Brynley Still & Motion Pictures


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