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I love these 3, by the way.

As you all know, I had the opportunity to interview Michelle Lesniak; Season 11 Winner of Project Runway.  What an awesome person and even more awesome experience for me, as I love learning about fashion ‘behind the scenes’.  Nothing like getting a feel for the inspiration behind a particular design and piece.
Ivory Tee.jpg

For instance, Michelle designed a tee with the Brand, Falling Upwards in memory of her childhood experience, as she grew up around hot air balloons.  Michelle shared that her father raced hot air balloons, which was both shocking an interesting to me, all in one sense.  Teeheehe.  Either way, I did purchase a tee for my own collection, which I plan to sport when I am out and about in this fashion world.

In other news, enjoy some pieces that are available to you on her website: Just know that you are supporting a self-made, hardworking entrepreneur who is dedicated to her work.  Lots of over for Michelle and her talent from me, your Skinnee Girl.  Now…SHOP AWAY!



A few photos for your viewing pleasure.
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