Shop Your Closet & Save

Fashion is amidst the clothing you currently own.  
Let me recreate your look and brand you as a trendsetter.

All too often we are spending money on clothing, yet not replacing what we have.  Our closet turn into a warehouse for more Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter styles that never see daylight or nightfall again; however, it remain apart of our closet family.  How about you allow me to walk through your closet, remove the unnecessary items, pair a few weeks of looks, and refresh your style and create new trends.  Not only would you save a ton of money by shopping from your very own closet, but you would gain a sense of confidence knowing that you created a trend of your own for others to fall in love with and follow.  

Maison Pacifique indeed. Lovely look on this beautiful lady.

Fashion is all in the look, confidence, and attitude.  I can restore each of those 3 components for you.

Share your thoughts and let’s recreate your look.

Contact me for an opportunity to look and feel great all by wearing what you own.  Cheers to great savings.


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