Shopped Closet: Jereia Scott

Ladies and Gentlemen…be prepared to see a Lady who is amazing in all edges of life.  Mrs. Jereia Scott is a devoted mother, wife, community advocate, and church group organizer.  In the midst of taking care of her daily duties, she forgot to take care of ‘HERSELF’.

As we began to have children and take on responsibilities for them; the home; and those outside of
the home…we tend to forget to remain true to our very own life, which is what happened here.  Just like so make other ladies (call me if you have this problem), Jereia is faced with a closet of clothing-yet nothing to wear.  This past week, I made a special visit to her closet and this is what happened.

VIDEO Interview:

Confidence goes a long way and is difficult to maintain…just like Credit.  Teeheehee.  It can take months to build and 1 life change to break it back down…see, just like Credit.  Fortunately, Jereia was okay with stepping out of the box and allowed me to help her regain that lost confidence.

In this look, we paired Red pants with a White/Blue Sequin Blouse along with a Grey and White Cheetah print scarf.  The accessories included Green/Antique Silver bangles.  We chose the white flats for a day of errands and the caramel Mommie on the Go Fun outing with friends.

 In this look, Jereia is wearing a Grey Blouse with a fancy flower at the neckline; paired with an Orange Skirt and Snakeskin wedge sandals.  We added the Pewter Waist Belt to bring the look together.  We went with a Pewter, Silvery assortment of accessories to finish the look.
Perfect look for a Picnic, Church function, and event date night with the hub.
With this look, I chose a pair of Grey Jeans; perfect for summer, and paired it with a really cute top with several colors and tie in the front.  This look was finished with a pearl necklace and Silver Jewelry to show the class of what this look can become.  Jereia never thought to wear pearls, unless attending church.  She fell in love with this chic, casual look instantly.

I love the dreads that she wear with that white smile.  I see confident.

In this look, Jereia fell in love. We went with a pair of Linen pants; which she had not worn for years, and paired it with a linen colored Top and a bright Orange Cardigan.  Finished with the Snakeskin wedges and the pearl necklace.
When I noticed Jereia’s confidence seeping out while in this look, I gave her the remote and let her photograph herself.  This is what happened.  Do you see what I see?

With this look, Jereia was warming up to wearing something out of her comfort zone.  We chose a pair of Pink Pants and paired with a Cream Blouse and Tan Cardigan.  The cardigan is her favorite, but it sits in her closet because she is not sure how to pair it with other pieces.  We finished this look off with a pair of tan wedges.  She is ready for a date with her hub, a fun outing, picnic, or whatever she chooses. This was the beginning of something great. 

  Not only did Jereia notice how good she felt with just a small closet makeover, but her husband also noticed the change.  In all that I have said, I want to encourage you to regain your love of you and let your light shine.  Clothing gives that passion, desire, and umph to your daily attitude; therefore, I encourage you to open up and change the way that you dress by ‘Shopping Your Closet’.



Other looks she plan to try.  There will be a Round 2, so stay tuned. 
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