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The Lola Sweater
from Amalli Talli
‘a store for Tall Ladies’Some days ago, I shared a blog post, TRIPping, which highlighted the clothing I packed for my upcoming trip to Phoenix.  Since the temperature dropped, the feel of the winds called for a nice, cozy piece of outerwear, which could easily accessorize each of my looks; from professional to business casual to casual.  I wore 6 different looks; however, only have photos to share of 4.  You won’t be upset that I missed 3, no worries.  I absolutely love this Lola Sweater from +Amalli Talli which I grabbed from the Cyber Monday sale.  The sweater is extremely versatile, lightweight, cozy, and comfy.  The color was a favorite of mine because it makes any look pop and matches well with all color tones.  I’ll stop talking now and share with you how/what I paired the Lola Sweater with.

Lola on the GO
As I took off from San Antonio (60 degree weather), I paired Lola with a pair of Gap jeans; thick cuffed, a black high lo shirt, Leopard print belt, Hat, Cognac Booties, and my Dooney & Bourke tote.  Each piece was chosen to fit perfectly with Lola as we headed for the sky.

A Busy Day with Lola in the City

I have never visited Phoenix, before and had very little time to do so on this trip; as I was going for a work training.  I woke to a day with plans to have my laptop repaired, visiting friends, and a little work since that’s my life during the week, which called for a bit of comfort, but chic all in the same.  Lola went for a busy day accessorizing a long-sleeved turtleneck shirt, which just so happens to be velvet.  That shirt along with flare Gap jeans, Sam Edelman booties, and the leopard print belt from the day before were all parts that captured by busy day look.  Not only was I comfortable, I was stylish and cozy for the Phoenix winds.


Lola Grabs a Bite
As part of team building; when we have these trainings, we always sit to a great meal, conversation, and lots of laughs.  Not knowing what to expect from a restaurant named El Chorro, I dressed quite fancy since I would be in the company of VPs, Directors, and a long list of my Colleagues; other managers in the company.  Lola was paired with a black Leather Skirt, Denim shirt, fishnet leggings, and a pair of Denim Yves St Laurent pumps.  This look was a showstopper at the dinner, and worked perfectly for the sliders and macaroni meal prepared.  I was thinking chips, salsa, and queso…and I wanted that…but boy was I wrong.  It was a great night of laughs and networking as I’d expected and Lola wins again.  Kept me super cozy on the restaurants patio, underneath the mountains, in 40 degree weather.
 Training in Lola in a Refrigerator

The training room was extremely cold and uncomfortable.  I chose to dress Business Professional, although the training only called for Business Casual. Since no one at my job ever seems to know what that mean, I stuck to what I knew, and lived by my motto…you can never be overdressed. Lola was paired with a look from Banana Republic; of which both were Clearance grabs.  The top is a striped, ruffled oxford shirt in white, pink, and maroon; paired with a fitted maroon pencil skirt and same colored booties.  I figured I give a little monochromatic with this look.  For the total classic look, I pinned my hair up to mimic that of a vintage hairstyle from the classic era.  The look was definitely noticed and appreciated.  Ahhhh, the feeling when people get you.

Throughout the week of dressing MEek, as I am known for doing; I was questioned and practically stalked for fashion advise.  My colleagues are pretty well dressed, for the most part, but I will assume I was just dressed that damn well.  Someone discovered that I am a fashion blogger and the questions began.  I love working with such great people who want to support my; however, I have always kept work and personal life separate…not sure I am ready to open that box to let work flow into it.  All-in-all, Phoenix was great and I cannot wait to go back.  Visited cousins and a good friend and her family.
I am back in Texas and back at life.
Back to Life, Back to Reality…



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