Sometimes You Just Want a Good Glam

And that is exactly what I got!

Love this purple and pink. Lovely

That “you ugly, you yo daddy son”.  Since that phrase has nothing to do with ugly; more of a damn you look that good, type of meaning.  That’s how good I looked and felt.  I keep preaching, if you look good; you feel good.  That’s all a reflection of what kind of looking and feeling good you are in for.

I am not an average make-up fanatic.  You see lots of photos of me raw, because I am not afraid of what I see in the mirror; however, I likes to get glammed.  My darling MUA never fails me either.  She keeps me hella natural and always looking myself, but this time I begged for a pop of amazing.  A little something out of the ordinary for little ole MEek.

And this Purple and Pink is speaking volumes.

So I won’t keep you; just enjoy the show.  Lili did her thang; as always.  Check her out when you get a moment over at M-A-C Cosmetics at the La Cantera Mall.

This pink is lovely. I am always to nervous to wear bold colors.

I think you get the point.

Go out and find your GLAM!  You definitely deserve it my beautiful ladies.  MUAH!!!


Back to Life, Back to Reality…


Love the red hair on this chica. Beautiful

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